Nursery Lambs

Learning in Nursery Lambs for Spring Term – Once Upon a Time 

Topics will change on a regular basis. The setting will reflect these topics. We will write weekly updates on the boards next to the entrance.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: We will continue to promote rules and routines, including sharing and turn- taking skills. We will follow the JIGSAW PSHE scheme – the theme this term is Dreams and Goals.
Communication & Language: In Nursery, there is a strong focus on speaking and listening skills. Through discussion, sharing books and singing songs and rhymes we aim to develop vocabulary and language development. Children will become familiar with repeated refrains in stories and join in with increasing confidence.
Maths: In Nursery children will continue to focus on the numbers from zero to ten (and above as relevant) – counting, comparing quantities and sizes, reading numerals and using marks to record ideas of number. Children will sing number songs and rhymes to support counting and understanding of 1 less, we will solve number problems and find the total by counting all (practical addition). We will use mathematical language to discuss position and 2D and 3D shapes.
Literacy: Children will become very familiar with several traditional tales. We will sequence, discuss story settings and characters and develop an understanding of how stories are structured. Children will have the opportunity to write for different purposes, such as books, lists, recipes, posters etc. We will use books and the internet to find answers to our questions. Children will take part in differentiated, fun phonic sessions 4 days each week in which we will focus on rhyme, alliteration, tuning into sounds, hearing the rhythm (syllables) in words and oral blending and segmenting.
PD/Expressive Arts: Starting from next Friday, children will take part in a Dinky Dancers session on a Friday. We will move to music, play games, build up dance sequences and explore instruments. We had a trial session in the autumn which was very popular.


Show & Tell Bags – Each week different children will take home a Show and Tell Bag. Please return the bag with something in that your child would like to show the class/talk about. The bag needs to come back by Friday. Thank you.
Stanley and Ruby – Our gorgeous class bears will go home with two lucky children each Friday. Please return them by the following Wednesday. Thank you!
Library – children now have the opportunity to change their library book each day.
Family Reading Morning every FRIDAY morning until 9.15am. Please stay and share a book with your child. Older siblings welcome to join us in Nursery if parents are staying for Reading Morning.
Home Learning Packs To support your children at home we will be sending home Firm Foundations Packs to support early Literacy and Language skills. These will come home on a FRIDAY. Please return them by WEDNESDAY.  Please do let us know if there is anything missing from the pack. Thank you.

  • To see the slides from our Home Learning Meeting, please click here
    To see our Curriculum Newslettter, please click here

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