Year 6 Merino & Teeswater


Merino Sheep

Our Creative Curriculum topic this term:

Hola Mexico!

National Curriculum 2014

We will continue to teach the children the necessary skills required for each National Curriculum subject.

To see details of the Curriculum this term, please click here

For information about the new Mathematics Curriculum, please click here

For information about the new English Curriculum, please click here

Getting started on your revision isn’t easy, here’s some helpful ways to keep you focused…

  • Create a revision timetable and allocate time each day to revise subjects
  • Practise mental arithmetic often and in small chunks, timing yourself between questions
  • Pick a focus for your revision each day
  • Work on areas that have been taught at school which you may feel you need longer on
  • Revise in a space you feel is quiet and can concentrate
  • Allow yourself treats for good revising sessions!
  • Make the effort to concentrate in class
  • Complete assignments
  • Keep up with reading daily
  • Sleep plenty to relax! 🙂

Below are some handy resources for you to look at to help support revision. 

Maths Revision Support

Grammar Revision Support

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