Nursery Lambs

Learning in Nursery Lambs for Autumn Term – I am Special 

Topics will change on a regular basis. The setting will reflect these topics. We will write weekly updates on the boards next to the entrance.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: there will be emphasis on settling in and developing confidence, understanding the boundaries of the setting, including developing sharing and turn-taking skills.
Communication & Language: In Nursery we focus a lot on speaking and listening skills. To support your children at home we will be sending home Firm Foundations Packs which support early Literacy and Language skills. These will come home on a FRIDAY. Please return them on a MONDAY so that we have time to quarantine them before they go out again. Please do let us know if there is anything missing from the pack. Thank you.
Maths: In Nursery we will focus on the numbers from zero to ten (and above as relevant) – counting, comparing, reading numerals and using marks to record ideas of number. To support your children at home, count everything! E.g. pegging out the socks, counting raisins, counting stairs etc. You can also have fun looking at and talking about numerals that you see in the environment, such as on cereal boxes, buses and front doors. We will also use words to describe shapes, compare size, weight, capacity, quantity and position.
Literacy: We hope that you enjoy reading daily with your child to support their literacy development. Children are encouraged to talk about the pictures, join in with words and phrases in the story, make predictions about what might happen next and to talk about the parts of the story they most enjoyed. Children will take part in interactive and fun phonic sessions each week. We will focus on Nursery rhymes, tuning into environmental and instrumental sounds, rhythm and rhyme and hearing initial sounds in words, as children are ready.
Physical Development: We will focus on fine motor and gross motor skills through using small and large equipment. We hope to begin P.E a little later in the term. Children are encouraged to manage their shoes and wellies, coats and jumpers with increasing independence. Children will be supported to develop independence with their toileting needs as appropriate for each individual.


children will have the opportunity to change their library book each day. As children become more settled, we will have more time to help them to do this regularly.
Home Learning Packs
We will send these home each Friday from Friday 18th September. Please make sure that you return them by Monday so that we have time to quarantine them. Thank you.
Outside Play
Your child will also have access to the outside classroom each day, therefore please ensure they have appropriate clothes and footwear every day.
Physical Development and ICT
Mr Vickers will focus on these curriculum areas on Fridays. We hope to start P.E sessions in the hall in the coming weeks. We will notify you nearer the time.
In sunny weather, please make sure you apply sun cream before Nursery and please provide a named sun hat.

To see our Curriculum Newsletter, please click here

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