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Ukraine Charity Cake Sale

THANK YOU so much to all the wonderful families who made cakes for our cake sale, as well as The Kitchen Croxley Ltd who donated delicious cupcakes and Mrs Foad's Dad who so kindly decorated beautiful cupcakes for us as well!

We were truly overwhelmed by your creativity and your generosity - I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that we raised an incredible £520 - this has been match funded by a local company, so the total doubled to £1040!

We have been quick to pay this donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal so the government should match this donation, meaning that our total donation to Ukraine is an incredible £2080!

Ukraine Charity Cakes

CW Wildlife Rescue Fundraising Day

CW Wildlife Rescue came and visited us at Shepherd with several of the animals they have rescued, including a fox cub and an owl. The children absolutely loved seeing the beautiful animals.


CW Wildlife Rescue is a lovely local charity, and several members of our school community volunteer at CW Wildlife Rescue, helping to take care of all the animals. You can find out more about the invaluable work that CW Wildlife does by visiting: 


As so many children were enthralled by the animals, we decided to follow up with a fundraising day for CW Wildlife Rescue – children were invited to come to school dressed as an animal and were asked to make a monetary donation to the charity, or to donate one of the items that CW Wildlife Rescue need. As well as collecting lots of donations, we have also raised over £270 for CW Wildlife Rescue.

CW Wildlife Rescue Fundraising Day Outfits & Donations