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Summary of the Equality Scheme (last updated Sept 2020)Shepherd Primary School aims to create an environment whereby children, staff and the wider community experience parity of esteem regardless of race, gender or disability and is active in promoting community cohesion. As with all schemes in place at Shepherd Primary School, the governors have given due consideration to the spirit of the “Every Child Matters” agenda.

In addition, in the application of this scheme, the school will strive to reflect the school aims to ensure the happiness of all individuals who are members of our community.

Our school community aims to:

  •  Learn and grow together within a safe, caring and happy environment;
  • Encourage achievement in all aspects of school life;
  • Motivate all children in a broad and challenging curriculum;
  • Treat everyone with honesty and respect;
  • Ensure opportunities for all.

These aims are underpinned by a set of core values agreed by the whole school community. They are as follows:
opportunity, respect, motivation, confidence, honesty, happiness, healthy living, friendship, achievement, safety, teamwork and care.

We are committed to raising the attainment of all our pupils with due regard to their individual, social and personal circumstances.
We believe as a school community in promoting equality of opportunity and all members of our community are respected as individuals taking account of race, religion, disability, gender, background, sexual orientation, age and ability.

The school respects and values the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity which exists in our school and in the wider community. We support children in their class for whom English is a second language and incorporate principles of equality and diversity into all aspects of their work. Staff know how to identify and challenge any bias and stereotyping within the curriculum.

Parents are an integral part of our community and we will involve them as much as possible in the joint enterprise of making our children’s learning a positive, rewarding and happy experience.

As an inclusive school, we respect and value the diversity of the community we serve and therefore the following guiding principles are pertinent to our school’s ethos and vision and are demonstrated through our policy and planning throughout the school.

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