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Year 4 Romney

Welcome to Year 4 Romney

In Year 4, we encourage independent learning and strive to see the children develop their creativity, curiosity and resilience. We ensure a varied curriculum is offered so that all children are engaged with their learning. This year, we will cover all sorts of topics from the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Egyptians to Living Things, Electricity and States of Matter. There is certainly lots to look forward to.

Miss Douglas

This is my fourth year at Shepherd Primary School where I started as an NQT. In that time, I have taught in both Year 3 and Year 4. Inside and outside of school, I value reading, creativity and knowledge. As a child I was an avid reader and I enjoy sharing my favourite children’s books with the class through the class reader and by keeping the class book-corner well stocked.


In Year 4 Romney we value kindness. After every break and lunch time we fill in ‘Caught You Being Kind’ cards where children can comment on the acts of kindness they have seen. The children enjoy giving and receiving these ‘Caught You Being Kind’ cards. Every morning, we also complete kindness, friendship and other wellbeing activities. Through this, the children are able to identify how to show kindness, what makes a good friend and how they are different and similar to their peers.


We use the Jigsaw programme to teach PSHE and through this we further support wellbeing. The children engage with ‘calm me’ time and are able to use mindfulness to support their wellbeing.


Growth Mindset is also an important part of Year 4 Romney. At the start of the year, the children discussed their goals for the year and we talked about ‘The Power of Yet’. We also work hard to recognise that failure is an important part of learning and there is a wonderful display on our classroom door that encourages the children to see failures as an essential part of learning.

Times Tables Test

By the end of Year 4, the children are expected to confidently recall all of their times tables fact up to 12x12. In school, we regularly complete times tables activities to support the children in developing their fluency. At home, they can you resources such as ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ to support their recall.