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Year 5 Cheviot

Welcome to Year 5 Cheviot

Welcome to Year 5 Cheviot and Upper Key Stage 2 – your next exciting step at Shepherd Primary!

Education is preparation to become lifelong learners so we nurture you to be independent, confident and empathetic learners. You are encouraged to build confidence, develop self-reliance, and learn to show respect for all other people and for your surroundings. In year 5, you will develop your life skills in order to become a responsible and happy member of the community. We ensure that you have fun on this learning journey by providing you with memorable learning experiences. Much of our learning is linked to your locality, so you will learn more about where you live.

Mrs Wood

Mrs Wood has many years’ experience of teaching at Shepherd Primary and she has taught in both KS1 and KS2. She really enjoys getting to know the children and seeing the amazing progress the children make during the year. She is very enthusiastic about technology and is the computing subject leader at Shepherd Primary. She lives about 20 minutes away from the school with her family but also has family that live nearby to the school.


The wellbeing of the children is very important in Year 5 and we believe in nurturing the whole child. We work hard to create a positive learning environment so the children can be the best they can be and reach their full potential. We support the transition from LKS2. They meet their new teacher at the end of Year 4 and much of Year 5 will be familiar as they follow the same subjects and a similar timetable to the rest of the school. We have a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach and praise the effort of the children whilst also promoting that making mistakes is a good thing that helps you learn. Our PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) topics incorporate mindfulness as well as developing their social skills, understanding about rules and responsibilities and the choices they can make. Our fitness, stamina and wellbeing is supported through the ‘daily mile’ each day. We love to celebrate your effort, both inside and outside school, by sharing this with class.

Other Information

In Year 5, there is a local Inter School Fun Run that everyone can take part in, with a special competitive race for our elite runners. Another challenge against other children, throughout the county, is the K’nex Challenge. You will be using your Science, Mathematics and Engineering skills in this one. Two opportunities you will have for developing life skills are swimming lessons at the William Penn leisure centre and Bikeability, which helps to ensure you are safe on the roads on your bicycle. To enhance your learning, we welcome visitors to the school and go on school trips to bring the learning in the classroom to life.

To find out more about your child's learning, please see our Curriculum Page.