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Key Stage One Shape Sorting

Our aim at Shepherd is to teach a high quality computing curriculum so children learn to become confident, effective and safe users but also creators of technology to prepare them for becoming digital citizens. They learn both skills and knowledge across three strands: computer science, information technology and digital literacy.
Computer science - how computers work and how to write algorithms, solve problems and create a computer program.
Information technology - how data is represented and managed on computers
Digital literacy - how to understand digital information and interact with it safely and appropriately.
We also endeavour to use computing across our creative curriculum and give the children a wide range of experience of equipment and software. We have programmable toys, iPads and laptops.

Key Stage Two Virtual Reality Workshop

During Feel Good Week, we encourage families to have a Scroll Free Day where the children (and adults) put down their devices and do something else.

During Anti-Bullying Week, we also look at Online Bullying.

Curriculum Plan