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Wildlife & Gardening Committee

The School Wildlife & Gardening Committee are interested in local wildlife, our local environment and conservation. We strive to carry the message of looking after our fragile world and to enjoy nature respectfully. We are also interested in growing and sustainability.

Wildlife & Gardening Helping hands

Congratulations to the following children who have been elected to be our Wildlife & Gardening Helping Hands, led by Mr Nickolds:


Year 1 Lonk: Sofia

Year 2 Balwen: Orion

Year 3 Vendeen: Louie

Year 4 Herdwick: Freddie

Year 5 Dorper: Harry

Year 6 Merino: Billy

Year 6 Teeswater: Archie

March 2024

The Gardening & Wildlife Committee got together to weed and prepare the vegetable bed.  We were very diligent in our work ensuring the soil was properly turned over and we had removed any weeds or stray grass that had grown. We really got our hands dirty, but enjoyed planting some flowering bulbs around the edge of the bed.  We are looking forward to the sowing season beginning in May to plant our carrots.  Hopefully there will be some carrot soup and carrot cake once harvested!