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Travel Committee

The travel committee aim to promote safe travel to and from school and get more families walking to school.

As members of our school Travel Committee, we agree to:


  • Encourage more people to walk to and from school
  • Find ways to ensure that pupils and adults hear our important messages
  • Share important Travel Committee messages in Celebration Assembly each week
  • Produce and display ‘travel’ posters around the school when appropriate
  • Encourage people to avoid parking dangerously outside our school
  • Be role models when crossing the road by following the ‘Green Cross Code’ at all times and choosing appropriate crossing places
  • Help people be safe when they are travelling to and from school

Travel Committee

Congratulations to the following children who have been elected to serve on our Travel Committee, led by Mr Charter:

Year 1 Lonk: Dhilan

Year 2 Balwen: Aurora-Rose

Year 3 Vendeen: Kathleen

Year 4 Herdwick:  Mateo

Year 5 Cheviot: Joshua

Year 5 Dorper: Oakley

Year 6 Merino: Emilia

Year 6 Teeswater: Bobby