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Our Eco-Watchers achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award:

Congratulations to the following children who have been elected to serve on our Eco-Watchers committee this year, led by Ms Zimmatore:


Year 1 Lonk: Nicolas

Year 2 Balwen: Daisy

Year 3 Vendeen: Jessica

Year 4 Herdwick: Michael

Year 5 Dorper: Hazel

Year 6 Merino: Finn

Year 6 Teeswater: Bella

On Wednesday 29th November, our Year 4, 5 and 6 Eco-Watchers attended a special day at York House School in Rickmansworth, where they worked alongside children from other local primary schools to discuss sustainability and explore what schools can do support this. 

Eco Watchers

Our Eco-Watchers have been responsible for:

  • Willow structures on the field and in the Quad
  • Switch Off Lights campaign
  • Crisp packet recycling:
  • Bug Hotel on the North playground
  • Fruit composting at breaktimes
  • Bird feeders on the playgrounds
  • Bird watching bincoulars for lunchtimes
  • Introducing paper and cardboard recycling
  • Playground litter picking
  • Waste Awareness Week
  • RSPB Bird Watch
  • World Ocean Day
  • Clean Air Day
  • Switch Off Fortnight