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STEM Ambassadors

The STEM ambassadors are a group of children who are really passionate about Science and who want to promote it within the school. Their role is to share Scientific experiences with their classes and share new Science initiatives.


They collect a new Science magazine – Whizz Pop Bang each time they meet to inspire their class to read and learn about Science.


The children have opportunities to support and improve our Science curriculum and have been influential in the past in developing our Wider opportunities activities.


They also played an important role in achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark for the school.


The children have the opportunity to be involved in Science assemblies and they have a special role in Science Week by choosing the Science competitions that take place.

STEM Ambassadors

Congratulations to the following children who have been elected to serve as a STEM Ambassador this year, led by Mrs Batchford:


Year 1 Lonk: Nora

Year 2 Balwen: Oscar

Year 3 Vendeen: Nicholas

Year 4 Herdwick: Maisie

Year 5 Dorper: Lenny

Year 6 Merino: Isabelle

Year 6 Teeswater: Oliver