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Year 2 Balwen

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Welcome to Year 2 Balwen

During this year you will have an important role to play as the oldest children in KS1. You will become role models for the children in year 1. This year you will have the opportunity to develop and learn a number of new skills and become more independent. This year is full of exciting topics and experiences that we will go through together.

Mr Charter

I have been teaching at Shepherd Primary school for a number of years and spent the majority of the time working in KS1.  I live not far from school and in my spare time I enjoy going for walks and visiting zoos to see the penguins.  I am a big Watford fan and have a season ticket. 


The wellbeing of the children in Year 2 is very important. We always promote a joy for learning and that it’s okay to make mistakes and with help and support from our peers we can achieve anything. In Year 2 we always make time to share our achievements with each other and to support and encourage each other throughout the year so everyone is learning, having fun and making memories every day. We have a weekly Jigsaw lesson where everyone takes part in whole class discussions and has the opportunity to work with different children in the class.

This Year

In the Summer term Year 2 will undertake the Year 2 SATS.

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