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Welcome to our Reception Class

Reception is a place where we celebrate awe and wonder from Reading to Forest School we fire the children’s imaginations in the hope that they will have a lifelong love of learning. In Reception we enjoy a balance between play led, child initiated learning and more formal sessions.  We teach Phonics, Maths and Guided Reading daily and regularly timetable lessons and activities that match the children’s interests. At Shepherd, Reception children create their own weekly planning for their self-chosen learning activities, following their fascinations. The staff skilfully plan the environment and resources to move the children’s learning forward using their interests as a vehicle to teach. The children enjoy a very large indoor environment and a lovely outdoor space in which they can independently explore and learn.

Mrs Batchford

I first joined Shepherd Primary School as the Nursery teacher and have since taught in all Key Stages.  I love Early Years and so when the opportunity came to be able to return, it was meant to be.  I love the outdoors and so having such a big garden area has my mind racing with all the different ways we can use it.  Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family and running a busy Guide unit.

This Year

We start learning to match letters with the sounds they make and putting them together into words during phonics.


Wellbeing starts before the children even start school, with conversations with previous settings, 'All about Me' sheets from parents and meet and greet sessions.  When the children start there is the opportunity to visit the school with their parents and have an individual chat with myself and Mrs Hunt and then a staggered start.

Once children are in full time they are introduced to the Zones of Regulation and each day identify how they are feeling as they arrive - allowing us to see children that might need some extra support that day.

Getting to know the individual is key to support each child and as such both myself and Mrs Hunt ensure we spend time talking to each child, allowing them to see us as people that they can come to with any worries or concerns.  Children that are happy will be open to learning and exploring the environment around them.

To find out more about your child's learning, please see our Curriculum Page.