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Phonics is taught from Nursery through to Year Two and is a systematic approach to teaching letter recognition in order to successfully read.  We are excited to be commencing a brand new phonics scheme (Little Wandle Letters and Sounds) this year to drive forward the children’s reading skills.

Every year we run a parent workshop for Phonics across the relevant key stages to provide parents with an insight to how we teach phonics at Shepherd.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is all about using:

  • Skills for reading and spelling
  • Knowledge of the alphabet

Learning phonics will help your child to become a good reader and writer.

3 quick things you can do a home to help with phonics

  • Matching initial sounds to objects – what does banana start with?
  • Letter hunts around Tesco (or any other supermarket!) – can we find this week's sounds?
  • Play Robot I Spy – I spy with my little eye a b-u-s