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Phonics is taught from Nursery through to Year Two and is a systematic approach to teaching letter recognition in order to successfully read.  We are excited to be commencing a brand new phonics scheme (Little Wandle Letters and Sounds) this year to drive forward the children’s reading skills.

Every year we run a parent workshop for Phonics across the relevant key stages to provide parents with an insight to how we teach phonics at Shepherd.

It is vital that children learn the correct pronunciation as they learn phonics. Little Wandle, the synthetic phonics programme that we follow here at Shepherd, has a great resource page for parents that includes four short videos that show you how to pronounce the different phonics sounds:

If your child is in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, please do take a look at the resources page and find a few minutes to watch the videos.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is all about using:

  • Skills for reading and spelling
  • Knowledge of the alphabet

Learning phonics will help your child to become a good reader and writer.

3 quick things you can do a home to help with phonics

  • Matching initial sounds to objects – what does banana start with?
  • Letter hunts around Tesco (or any other supermarket!) – can we find this week's sounds?
  • Play Robot I Spy – I spy with my little eye a b-u-s