School Logo

School Values

School Motto

'Achieving Together'


Our school community (children, staff, parents and governors) aims to:

  • Learn and grow together within a safe, caring and happy environment
  • Encourage achievement in all aspects of school life
  • Motivate all children with a broad and challenging curriculum
  • Treat everyone with honesty and respect
  • Ensure opportunities for all

Our School Mission Statement 

‘Our school community is committed to providing education of the highest quality that supports challenges and inspires all children to achieve confidently within a happy and safe environment’. 

    The 6 ‘R’s

    We have the 6 ‘R’s which underpin our school motto ‘Achieving Together’, our school mission statement and our school aims:

    • Respect – to admire others, or show consideration to others
    • Responsibility – understand the part you play in your own learning
    • Resourcefulness – find your own way to answer questions
    • Resilience – find other ways if your first idea doesn’t work, stick with it
    • Reflection – does your answer make sense and could there be an alternative?
    • Reasoning – be able to explain how and why you got a particular answer