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Year 6 Teeswater

Welcome to Year 6!

This is an extremely exciting, if not challenging, year for the children as they become ‘top’ of the school.  They will get the opportunity of look back over their time at “Shepherd” – back to the days when they were so little. We have been busy planning lots of new learning experiences, alongside many exciting opportunities which the children will no doubt be expecting and looking forward to experiencing. Some Year 6 specific things are as follows:

  • The opportunity to apply to be Head Boy or Head Girl

  • A chance to be voted in by their peers as House Captain

  • Becoming a Year 6 Ambassador

  • End of KS2 SATs!

  • End of Year 6 production

  • Residential trip away for five days and four nights.


Mrs Grace

Mrs GraceI first joined the staff of Shepherd Primary School in May 2011, and it seriously does just feel like yesterday! Apart from spending a few weeks in Year 1, I have always been a part of the Year 6 team.  Many years ago, I was described as having a natural “love of life”, and I feel this comes through into my teaching; the children not only learn, but also have fun whilst doing it.  I am an advocate that all children should feel safe and secure in school.  I am a passionate reader, and I love to share my passion for reading with my class.  I love to learn, and my own curiosity and interest to learn more is, hopefully reflected in the children’s own learning behaviours.


A huge part of pupils’ experiences in Year 6 are linked to them being well supported with their wellbeing. As pupils go through their final year at primary school, it is crucial that they have the emotional and physical support to help them with the challenges which lie ahead. These challenges may be experiencing a residential trip for the first time, preparing for SATs, getting ready for the transition to secondary school or preparing to ‘tread the boards’ as they take to the stage in the end of Year 6 production. We use the Jigsaw programme to plan and teach our PSHE lessons each week. An essential part of these sessions is providing pupils with the opportunity to use mindfulness techniques to equip them with the tools they need to manage their own feelings and emotions. We ensure that all pupils are made aware that they have adult support available for them at all times, whatever the issue.

We encourage a Growth Mindset during all our lessons so that the children know that there is no ceiling to their learning and that they can achieve anything they wish to!


Pupils in Year 6 will sit the national end of KS2 SATs in May 2024. Pupils will prepare for and sit tests in Mathematics, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

To find out more about your child's learning, please see our Curriculum Page.