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At Shepherd Primary School, we aim to promote a love of Science. We strive to engage all children in real life experiences to explore, ask questions and work together scientifically with an inclusive approach. The children are given a rich and varied curriculum ad are encourages to challenge and question their own understanding.

The vision we share with the children has been created to reflect the key scientific skills they will develop during their time at the school.

We have an annual Science week, which is a fantastic opportunity to extend the children’s learning and broaden their knowledge around a topic. It is always a highlight for the children and staff.  We ensure that we have a range of competitions for the children which are open to the whole school. This year we had 2 competitions – ‘Design a Lab coat’ and ‘Take a photograph of Science in nature’.

Last year our Science week theme was ‘Stories in Science’. Each class chose a story linked to one of their topics, then did a week of exciting activities to link to the story. Some examples of this were; Year 2 – Traction Man (linking to materials), Year 3 – Funnybones (linked to the Human skeleton), Year 4 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (linked to Solids, Liquids and gases).  

During the week, we also have a range of external visitors who come and share their expertise with us. This year we had ‘Mad Science’ to visit who did workshops with all of the children on subjects such as light, electricity and changes of state, including making slime. Through these wider opportunities, the children have experiences that they may otherwise not have in school. They are incredibly valuable for developing their Science capital.