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Music Ability

Music ability will be determined by a test and places awarded in merit order. You will need to enter your child to take the test via swherts consortium.

Children attend a music test (Monday 5th September 2022). This is a multiple choice aural test. Those children scoring well enough in this test will then be called back.

The only equipment required will be a pencil and an eraser. The test will consist of 60 questions of four types: Pitch, Melody, Rhythm and Texture.

Pitch: For these questions candidates listen to two sounds and have to indicate whether the second sound is the same as the first, or whether it is higher or lower.

Melody: For these questions candidates listen to two tunes consisting of five notes.  Candidates have to decide whether the second tune is the same as the first or if one of the notes has been altered.

Rhythm: For these questions candidates listen to two patterns of notes and have to decide whether the second pattern is the same as, or different from, the first and where any difference occurs.

Texture: For these questions candidates listen to a number of notes played together at the same time. Candidates need to decide whether or not each chord has 2, 3 or 4 notes.

A number of applicants will be invited back to perform a single piece on their chosen instrument or vocally. This will be a free choice of piece, which should last no longer than three minutes. As there is a free choice of instrument and piece, it will give candidates of all abilities and all cultures equal opportunity to succeed.

Those applicants invited back will be given an individual appointment during the school day, w/c Monday 19th September 2022.

Parents must log on to the registration site to view the results of Stage 1 of the music test. The marks will be posted on Thursday 15th September 2022 around noon.

Key Dates

Test Registration Open: Monday 11th April 2022 to Friday 17th June 2022

Test Venue Notification: Friday 1st July 2022

Musical Aptitude Test: Monday 5th September 2022

First Round Music Test Scores Notification: Thursday 15th September 2022

Second Round Music Tests: w/c Monday 19th September 2022

Test Scores Notification: Wednesday 19th October 2022 around noon