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Welcome to Year 3!

The move to Year 3 is always an exciting transition as it is a start of Key Stage Two. The children have new opportunities to look forward to and chance to develop the foundations of learning that they have already started. We support the children by building the confidence in key areas such as reading, Writing and Maths and over the year learn about the exciting topics of The Stone Age and The Romans. These topics include some fun trips where the children get to experience what it was like to live in the Stone Age. The children start learning Spanish weekly, which is always a popular lesson.

Mrs Batchford

My name is Mrs Batchford. I am an experienced teacher and have taught in a wide variety of year groups.  I am really enjoying teaching in lower Key Stage two.


In order to support the smooth transition into Year 3, wellbeing in a high priority. The children need to feel safe and secure in their environment and often need support the build their independence in learning.

We share a lot of ‘Growth Mindset’ techniques, and try to have a ‘Yes I can’ attitude. The children often do activities to support their self-regulation through breathing and calming strategies. Our particular favourite breathing activity is to pretend that we have a ball that we can pick up and make it grow and shrink using our breathing.

In PSHE we follow the Jigsaw scheme, which promote wellbeing as part of each session. The children enjoy the ‘Calm me’ time and opportunities to reflect.

Year 3

In Year 3, we focus on developing the maturity of the children and supporting them to extend the learning foundations they have from the Foundation Stage and KS1.

The children start learning Spanish.

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